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The universal exhibition aT Center for successful business.

Rent for export trader's hall

Unit of won, value-added tax not included, ㎡
Rent for export trader's hall
Lease guarantee moneyMonthly rentMonthly administrative expensesRemarks
400,000 18,000 12,230 Value added tax not included for rent and basic administrative expenses

The above rental rates may vary every year depending on internal circumstances of the center such as inflation, etc.

Illustration for rent calculation(in the case of leasing dedicated area standard of 30㎡)

Lease guarantee money: ₩400,000 × 30㎡ = ₩12,000,000 (No value-added tax applicable)

Monthly rent/administrative expenses: (₩18,000 + ₩12,230) × 30㎡ = ₩906,900 (Value-added tax not included)

Parking fee information

No parking area is provided free of charge, and regular parking tickets(100,000 won/unit) are purchased for use

※ Free-of-charge parking ticket for 30 minutes is separately provided to visitors