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aT Center is one of the most recognized convention centers in Korea.

General status of parking lot

General status of parking lot Table
Parking zoneOperation time
B1, B2, B3 05:00 ~ 24:00

Parking fee

Hourly parking

  • · Passenger car: 700 won per 10 minutes(1 hour: 4,200 won)

1-day parking(24 hours)

  • · Passenger car: 36,000 won (25,200 won when show host and participating businesses purchase 24-hour event ticket for use)

Regular parking

  • · Resident business: 110,000 won/month


  • · National man of merit, disabled, light car:50% discount


  • · Freight car(more than 2.5 tons), vehicles of more than 24 passengers : 100% premium of passenger car fare

Wedding ceremony

  • · Guests: Free of charge for 2 hours (Limited to people who received and holds a parking discount ticket)


  • · When host uses entire hall(showrooms 1,2): 8 cars eligible for free-of-charge parking(to be used after advance submittal and registration of attached application form by FAX), (Parking administration office ☏6300-1105, FAX 6300-1629)
  • · When host 1 room(1/2 upon divided use): 4 cars eligible for free-of-charge parking(Period and application method -same as above)
  • · Long-term show by host (based on 1 room): 5 cars eligible for free-of-charge parking (Period and application method -same as above)
  • · Freight car for show apparatuses: (Limited to freight cars)-Free of charge for 2 hours(Limited to holders of parking discount ticket after construction)
  • · Participating businesses and viewers: 50% discount(Limited to holders of parking discount ticket after participation in showroom event)

Conference room

  • · Conference room user (Grand hall): 6 sheets of free-of-charge parking certificate(to be used once on the same day)(to be received for use upon contract or on the same day from person in charge of reservation) (Person in charge of conference room reservation ☏6300-1900)
  • · Conference room user (based on other 1 room): 2 sheets of free-of-charge parking certificate(use and receiving method: same as above)
  • Please purchase paid tickets(30 minutes, 1·2·3·24 hours) and event tickets(24 hours) for use at parking administration office(credit card payment allowed)
  • Leaving within 10 minutes of entering is free of charge(Fee charged from initial entry when exceeded)
  • Leaving after account balancing at unmanned account balancing machine on 1st floor id free of charge up to 15 minutes.
  • Duplicate discount is not allowed.(Only one favorable ticket is allowed for discount when duplication reasons are applicable)
  • Inquiry: Parking administration office(next to information desk on 1st floor ☏ 6300-1105, FAX 6300-1629)