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We always put the customers first and strive to provide the best service.

aT Center is a place for international exchange as well as successful business opportunities ,through the best service, networking and professionalism.

Our international standard exhibition and conference spaces are optimally adapted for any size and style of gathering, including exhibitions, conferences, seminars, banquets, events and performances, Coming with state-of the-art equipment including simultaneous interpretation systems, AV systems and cold storage, we are fully geared to assist you for your successful event.

A trade outpost with the Korea Trade Information Service Center, House of Trade and Export Promotion Center on its premises, aT Center offers a variety of export support, ranging from year-round exhibition of high potential export product promotion, counselling & trade partner mediation for foreign buyers, and provision of up-to-date overseas market information, all in a convenient one-stop service.aT Center is placed in a highly accessible location in an agreeable setting, It brings together a wide range of convenient facilties in close proximity, parking facilities, making it one of Seoul's most favored cultual and recreational spaces

Major facilities

Exhibition halls


Conference rooms


Agro-Trade information center


Agro-Trade office building


Export Publicity Pavilion