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Lease Information

Lease Information table
DivisionLeaseNumber of roomsRemarks
6th~15th floor(10 floors) 6,625m²(754 m²/floor) 62 7th~13th floor: A corridor in the middle
6th,14th,15th floor: A corridor on the window side

Areas for rent

  • Agriculture-related institutions, organizations and companies
  • About 30m²~300m² based on floor space (shall be applied for an area of 30m² + a multiple of 10)

Lease procedure

  1. 1 Prepare move-in application
  2. 2 Send by FAX
    (FAX : 02-6300-1611)
  3. 3 Preferential assignment of businesses capable of move-in

However, in the case of contention, assignment shall be implemented in the order of highest scores based on separate screening criteria, and candidates may be excluded from the selection object when recorded items prove to be false according to the results of checking for submitted documents

Lease inquiry

Lease inquiry Table
Team in charge Information service team Business Support Dept. Manager, Hyun-Jeong Ahn
Contact 02-6300-1464 FAX 02-6919-1481