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The universal exhibition aT Center for successful business.

Amenities information

Amenities information Table
ClassificationDetailed business type
Beverages Korean food, Chinese food, snacks, convenience store, coffee shop
Health/Beauty Health club, barber/beauty shop
Office work/Stationery Facility and apparatus planning, printing office, stationery store, event planning
Other Flower shop, bank, travel agency, banquet place, etc.

The sector is subject to change depending on the circumstances of the Centre for rent

Selection method for lessee

  1. 1 Occurrence in vacancy in amenities
    Occurrence of vacancies per business type within aT center
  2. 2 Bidding announcement or open recruiting
    Selection method determined by considering lease circumstances, etc.
  3. 3 Selection of lessee
    Selection of lessee matching requirements

Lease inquiry

Lease inquiry Table
Team in charge Business Support Dept. Person in charge Manager, Hyun-Jeong Ahn
Contact 02-6300-1464 FAX 02-6919-1481

Lease inquiry for wedding hall

Lease inquiry for wedding hall Table
Team in charge The Foret Person in Charge Manager, Yoon-Jung Lee
Contact 02-6300-2300 FAX 02-6300-2303