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KOREA Agro-Trade Center

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Marketing Support

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Improving marketing functions and increasing marketing efficiency by providing wholesale market guidance and support, collecting and disseminating market information, training marketing personnel, standardizing physical distribution practices, and operating Flower Marketing Center.

Wholesale Market Guidance and Support

  • Financial Assistance : Wholesale market construction loans and advanced payment loans
  • Market Support : Farm products collection and distribution activities (in respect of fair trading practices)
  • Auctioneer Management : Registration and Issuing auctioneer's certificate

Personnel Training

  • Training Organization : Agricultural Marketing Training Institute (Est. 1985)
  • Trainees : Government officials, auctioneers, jobbers and marketing personnel in the field of production or consumption

Collection and Dissemination of Market Information

  • The price research about 70 items at 43 market in 8 city of korea
  • The research of 40 major corps (production trend, channel of distribution, the cost of distribution)
  • Notice by internet( and publication of leaflet

Flower Marketing Center

  • Location : Yang Jae-dong (Seoul)
  • Function : Providing flower marketing loans and price information, holding flower fairs and exhibitions, ensuring the fair trade of flowers by competitive auction and improvement of the marketing system, and providing an export base for prospective items such as lilies and roses
  • Major Facilities : Auction hall, jobber shops, cut flower sales space, green houses, and ornamental gardens