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KOREA Agro-Trade Center

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Foreign Trade Promotion

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Globalizing Korean agricuitural and fishery products by operating foreign trade bases, developing new items for overseas markets, and disseminating world market information.

Operation of Overseas Agro-Trade Center

  • Locations : Japan (Tokyo, Osaka), France(Paris), U.S.A. (New York, LA), Indonesia(Jakarta), China (Beijing, Shanghai) and Hongkong
  • Roles : Collection of agricultural & fishery trade information, promotion of sales, and public relations development in overseas markets
  • Methods : Participating in major international exhibitions, improving packaging design, operating Korean traditional food exhibitions and temporary overseas exhibitions, advertising in popular foreign food magazines, and installing export public relation towers in important partner trading countries
  • Effects : Developing overseas markets and improving the image of Korean agricultural & fishery products

Development of Marketable Items

  • Method : Testing Korean foods in overseas markets and modifying their taste and quality to meet consumer preferences
  • Items : Competitive export products such as fruits (apples, pears), vegetables (eggplants, cucumbers), flowers (lilies, roses), and processed foods (kimchi, ginseng chicken soup)

Collection and Dissemination of Trade information

  • Data collected : Domestic and overseas production levels, prices, and import/export market situations for each prospective foreign trade item
  • Publishing Methods : Korea Agricultural Trade Information (KATI) network
  • Korea Agriculture and Food Monthly Magazine

Operation of Agro-Trade & Exhibition Center

  • Location : Yangjae-dong
  • Function : Promotion of foreign trade in the agro-fishery industry
  • Launch Year : 2001
  • Major Facilities : Exhibition halls, Conference rooms, Agro-Trade information center, Agro-Trade office building, Export Publicity Pavilion
  • Phone : +82-2-6300-1900,1912
  • Fax : +82-2-6300-1616