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CEO message

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aT would like to thank the stakeholders for your undivided interest and support. In 2017, aT has made efforts to establish a foundation for the advancement of the agricultural product industry and sustainable growth amid drastically changing environment.
Strengthening the Agricultural Product Export System

aT has established a foundation for massive export for continuous increase in exports. We will make an effort to satisfy overseas customer's expectation on Korean agricultural products.

Leading Distribution Innovation of Agro-Fisheries Products

Innovative improvement is required in complicated distribution stages and distribution cost recurring structure. aT will enhance distribution efficiency by strengthening direct transactions of agricultural products and increasing scales of systematizing farming households.

Enhancing Value by Improving Competitiveness of the Food Industry

aT has established a foundation for the development of the Korean food industry through support for food companies, systematization of food industry information, nurturing of professional workforce and so forth
aT will continue to do its best to grow as a public organization loved and trusted by all stakeholders and to create values for the nation and people.

Contributing to stabilization of domestic prices through stable management of food supply

The world grain market experienced decrease in supply caused by climate change and increase in demands caused by development of bio alternative energy. aT will do everything possible for stable grain supply to secure domestic staple food.